Lux Futura – Kevin Houben

Scherzando Concert Works Series Grade 5 – Duration: 17:00

Lux Futura (Light of the Future) was commissioned by the Royal Wind Orchestra Delft and is inspired by the letters ‘D-E-L-F-T’ using the letter notation system by Béla Bartók. In this ‘Delft’ cell, there is referral to the ‘Trinitas’, the bourdon bell of the Old Church in Delft, that only tolls during a funeral of a member of the Dutch Royal Family. The Delft melody switches to the ‘Agneta March’, which is a reference to the history of the Royal Wind Orchestra Delft. Further on the love theme, played by the bass instruments represents the love of the inhabitants for their city throughout space and time. In the middle movement, the beauty of the city is depicted by the cor anglais (English horn) solo, as an ode to the lovely city of Delft. When performed, one can choose to use sound city samples recorded in Delft to create a truly magnificent spectacle. The three samples can be downloaded from websites or

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