Three-Eight Charlie – Marc Jeanbourquin

The Incredible Adventure of Jerrie Mocke

Mitropa Flexible Series (5-Part Flexible Band) – Duration: 06:00

In 1964, the American aviator Jerrie Mock was the first woman to fly solo around the world, in spite of her critics and the bad weather forecasted. She completed this journey in 29 days on board the “Spirit of Columbus”, a single engine Cessna. This story inspired Marc Jeanbourquin. The aviator’s determined nature appears from the very first bars, reflecting her mood before take-off. The hymn that follows illustrates the beginning of the flight, when all is going well. This leads to a calmer section, as if the aviator was letting herself be carried by the air currents above the clouds, lost in her thoughts. Then a more energetic passage brings her back inside the cockpit to confront the bad weather she encounters. She overcomes these difficulties to appear out of the clouds before a cheerful finale, as if nearing the finishing line. Welcome aboard for a flight around the world! First prize in the composition competition of the Swiss Music Association (Contest music 4th category 2020).

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