The Molenaar Edition 1996 Demo Cassette tape<Not for Sale>

00:00 narration
00:19①Always look on the Bright Side of life
01:46②Star Trek through the Generation
07:31③Splashing Sounds
08:42④Rail Road Rag
10:11⑤Strangers in the Night
12:39⑥My Way
15:58⑦The Moody Miller Band
17:35⑧Feuerfest Polka
18:58⑨Alpenfest Marsch
22:33⑪Symphony of Praise
Ⅰ.Come,come spirit of life Ⅱ.Nearer my god to thee Ⅲ.Hymn of Thanksgiving
26:52⑫Brabant Fantasy
28:52⑬Belcanto Ouverture
31:42⑭Waters Deep and Wide
35:07⑮Big Ben Variations

※全曲サンプルですので、フルではありません。ご了承願います。 "

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