Dunkirk - José Alberto Pina

Dunkirk is a French city that served as a backdrop for the Allied military operation between May and June 1940. Known as Operation Dynamo, it consisted of the evacuation of Allied troops that had been encircled by the Nazi German army during the Battle of Dunkirk in full invasion of France. Almost the entire British Expeditionary Force, part of the Belgian army and

three units of the French army had to evacuate the beaches and the port of Dunkirk before the German offensive. In spite of the bombings and the cornered by the German military, they were able to rescue more than 300, 000 soldiers. José Alberto Pina has tried to reflect the most dramatic moments of this operation. The composition is divided into small sections. It begins

with ''The Prologue'' where the main theme of Dunkirk appears, followed by ''The mole, the beach'', where the long wait was taking over the soldiers. In ''The bombers'' you can hear how little by little these planes were getting closer to take a nosedive and destroy the lives of the soldiers. ''The Dunkirk Spirit'' is a term in the British press that refers to the solidarity of the British

people as they played a fundamental role, using small boats to get close to the beach and help with the transfer of soldiers. ''The Failed Evacuation'' is related to how the soldiers try to survive while trying to climb the big ships, but the bombers end up sinking without the possibility of surviving. In ''The Hymn'', the melody of the beginning of the work is listening again on

the trumpet, now developed throughout the orchestra and with great lyricism and nobility to finish with ''The Successful Evacuation'', where the full orchestra along with the drums will put a spectacular ending to this fantastic composition by José Alberto Pina.

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